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Registration for 2018 is now closed. Please join us in K4K 2019. In the meantime, please donate using the link on the front page. 

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 Adrian Wentworth-Stanley

Simon Arnott

Dr. Greg Bernius

Victoria Dunkerley

Alex Winfield

Bianca & Elijah Komansky

Chris Conway

David Stubbs

Cornell Young

Greg Fitzgerald

Chris McDowell

Peter Bell

Matt Pifer

Jerry Rivers

Simon Kimberly

Chris Roque

Andrew DiLoreto (Day 2 - Kayak)

Paddle boarders:

James Holloway

Matt Carr

Lucie Jichova

Kim McIvor

Gina Corday

Andrew DiLoreto (Day 1 - SUP)

Support Boats        

Nigel and Sue Clark                                    

Bertil and Kathy Olsson                                     

Rikki Hornett     

Nick West                                

Somers and Megan Kemp

Paul Larrett

Mark and Meghan Diel

Support Jet Ski

Chris Montgomery           
Sam Ponte